Workshops and Trainings

Founded by a team of data visualization experts, we offer workshops and trainings on a variety of data visualization topics. Our team members have teaching experience at well-known universities (Harvard, Tufts, Utrecht). Our workshops are tailored to the specific needs of our customers and can be held on-site or remotely. We offer training for general graph data analysis, data visualization topics as well as complex data visualization frameworks and technologies such as d3.js, pixi.js and or higher-level frameworks, such as plotly or vega. And of course, we teach our customers how to get the most out of our open-source GraphPolaris platform.

Helpful for a diverse customer range.

Graph analytics education offering serves a diverse range of customers spanning technology companies, financial institutions, e-commerce and retail, healthcare and life sciences, social media and content platforms, and government agencies. We offer workshops that are adapted to the our audience's needs and skill level, ranging from introductory workshops for beginners to advanced workshops for experienced data analysts.

The public and private sector can leverage graph databases to enhance fraud detection, personalize recommendations, analyze complex relationships, optimize supply chains, and drive effective analysis, among other valuable insights. Ultimately, any organization that deals with interconnected data and seeks to unlock its value can benefit from the expertise of a graph database consultant.

We offer education sessions for a varity of topics.

Visualization and Tools

Next to our offerings for general graph data analytics, we specialize in data visualization topics as well as complex data visualization frameworks and technologies such as d3.js, pixi.js, and higher-level visualization frameworks, such as plotly or Vega. In addition, we provide comprehensive training to our customers on maximizing the potential of our open-source GraphPolaris platform.

Graph Data Modelling and Wrangling

Effectively modeling data as a graph poses a primary challenge. Graph databases rely on relationships and connections between entities, demanding a comprehensive understanding of the domain and data structures. We assist customers in accurately representing their data in a graph format by identifying the suitable nodes, relationships, and properties for their specific needs.

Advanced Graph Analtyics (ML and AI)

This workshop focuses on advanced graph analytics techniques and algorithms. It explores graph algorithms such as community detection, centrality measures, pattern matching, and graph-based machine learning. Customers learn how to leverage these algorithms to extract valuable insights from their graph data.

We adapt our workshops to your needs.

Every project has its own challenges. By understanding these (domain) challenges and working with our graph database consultants, we can help you to effectively address questions centered around graph database adoption and machine learning, and ensure a smooth transition to graph database solutions.

Our specific workshops offerings can be tailored to the customers' needs, level of expertise, and their specific use cases. Each workshop is designed to provide practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and guidance that empowers our attendees to leverage graph databases effectively. Interested? Let us explore the possiblites together by sending a mail to